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Hamm Hearing is Committed to Your Hearing Health

Serving Eastern NC since 2001, this full service hearing aid center makes a real difference in patients’ lives.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Hearing Care

Hearing loss deeply affects the people who live with it. Communication becomes difficult, and you can miss out on the little sounds and noises most take for granted. Hamm Hearing Aid Center provides a variety of styles of hearing aids to match any preference, level of hearing loss, or budget.

Why Choose Hamm Hearing Aid Center?

John Clell Hamm, founder of Hamm Hearing Aid Center in Wilmington, NC is committed to giving you the best results with your hearing products at the best value. If you are struggling with your current hearing aids or not hearing well, call Hamm Hearing Aid Center and schedule a free hearing evaluation. It could be the first step to experiencing life at full volume.


Licensed Hearing Professionals

Our specialists work with you to evaluate your hearing loss, prescribe your hearing aid, and even repair hearing aids.


Follow Up Care

When your hearing aid has arrived, we will meet with you again to check the fit of the hearing aid, adjust it for your hearing loss and provide intructions on care and maintenance.


Local Office

Dedicated professionals serving our patients in Wilmington, North Carolina with top notch care.

-What Our Patients Are Saying-

Clell and his staff treat you more like a friend than a client.  

Dr. Charles Biggerstaff


Our Services

With a staff of licensed and trained hearing specialists and a variety of unique solutions Hamm Hearing Aid Center is the best choice to fix your hearing loss issues. We aren’t satisfied until you are. Learn more about the services available at our Wilmington, North Carolina, office.

Hearing Assessment & Evaluation

One of our licensed hearing professionals administers a detailed and comprehensive hearing test to find and understand the causes and extent of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Consultation & Fitting

With the results of your evaluation, learn about the different models. Based on your specific hearing needs, fit, and style preferences, we will choose the best hearing aid and circuit for you.

Assisted Listening Device

Hamm Hearing Aid Center also offers a variety of assistive listening devices. These devices can help you separate speech, television, and phone calls out from background noise.

Evaluation & Treatment for Tinnitus

One of our trained hearing specialists can evaluate you for possible tinnitus. We can prescribe specialized electronic noise protection ear plugs and swim plugs for those with tinnitus.

Counseling & Rehabilitation

Hamm Hearing Aid Center offers this service to patients and their families. Here we examine the specific effects of their hearing loss, demonstrated on audiograms.

Hearing Aid Repair

Our technicians have experience servicing all makes and models of hearing aid. We fix most models on-location, and many repairs can be done while you wait.

Your Hearing Health Starts Here

Better Hearing Health Care is Our Mission


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