At Hamm Hearing Aid Center in Wilmington, North Carolina, we have years of experience working with people to find the hearing aid solution that meets their needs. Hear some testimonials from customers who had their hearing improved by Hamm Hearing Aid Center.

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Ramona Ownens testimonial

When I heard the sounds I had been missing, I was ready to improve the quality of my life through hearing aids. The staff here at Hamm Hearing Aid Center were sincerely concerned about giving me ample information regarding my hearing loss and the best solution available for me
Ramona Ownens

Barbara Dondorf testimonial

I had a stroke and found out that it had affected my hearing. At my age you want to be socially connected with other people. Without my hearing aids I can’t be interactive. John made a selection of a technology, which I am very happy with. He is excellent.
Barbara Dondorf, Retired Nurse

W. A. Soder testimonial

It is the little things that you take for granted. Now I hear the little clicking of my turn signal and the sound of the wind blowing; it is so nice. I had been looking into hearing aids and they were very expensive. The price in John’s ad was reasonable so I called. There was never pressure or a hard sell the decision was mine. I am very satisfied.
W.A, Soder, Architectural Engineer

I came to Hamm Hearing Aid Center after researching ALL of the hearing aid centers in the Wilmington area. Hamm Hearing Aid was the only place that look at my hearing loss and the structure of my ear when trying to fit me with hearing aids. Hamm Hearing Aid center determined that since my construction of my ears were very unique that I should visit the center of excellence in Eden Praire, MN. Mr. Hamm made the arrangement for me to meet with the trained staff at the center. Had it not been for Mr. Hamm and the extraordinary steps I would not have heard the sounds that I hear today.
~ Carol De Phillips

Billy Wood testimonial

These things (hearing aids) are great- but they are not better than the people who keep them running. John runs his business the way I would, Customer Service. He even gives me a loaner if he needs to keep my hearing aid to repair it. I am impressed. Now he’s like my best friend.
Billy Wood

handsome man with dark hair smiling

After an accident to my jaw when I was 24 years old, I found out that my hearing was very low for my age. Being so young, I didn’t want to have big chunky hearing aids and it scared me to admit to myself that I was going to be so young, when the normal stigma is older generations are the only ones that need hearing aids.

It wasn’t until my hearing was dramatically affecting my daily habits and professional work a couple years later, that I was recommended to visit Clell and have my hearing checked again. From the very start, I was made to feel comfortable. Clell spoke with me about my fear about being so young and having big hearing aids. He showed me that with Audibel Hearing Aids, I could have them molded to fit inside my ear without any wiring that anyone could see.

It ended up being one the best decisions I have ever made. The quality of my life greatly improved and unless I told other people, they had no idea I had hearing aids in. Not only that, but everyone at Hamm Hearing has been friendly and very helpful since I received them. They remember who I am every time I come in which makes everything relaxing and apart of their family.

10/10 would recommend to anyone who is young and scared to get hearing aids to venture over Clell and everyone at Hamm Hearing. It is worth it to hear better.
~ Hunter McGee

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